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  • Start at 09:00AM
  • Private Event

This is a private event for participants of the 3 week Yoga Teacher Training Course held at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Santiago Lake Atitlan.

Exploring the core concepts of Tantra, Tantra Yoga, Non-Dualism, and Sacred Sexuality, this 3 hour workshop will give participants a solid introductory foundation to tantra enabling individuals to feel into the relevance of this path on their own spiritual journey. Qualities of the healthy/ unhealthy masculine and feminine polarities within each of us will be explored as well as right relationship to our emotional body and how we dance with our sexual desire, fear and our body temple.

Providing an experiential taste of key shamanic emotional release tools, this class will also overview the 4 levels of sex including regeneration and spiritual transformation, and provide a context for integrating our sexuality with our spiritual path.

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