Deity-Yoga: Swift Path to Embodying our Archetypes (19th & 20th May 2018) Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, per ne purto corpora, cu eam cetero dolores.

  • Start at 09:00AM
  • $108

Enjoy a two-day retreat of Yogasana and Meditation guided by Kimberly Hofner, and a lecture-discourse series on Deity-Yoga guided by J.Yochanan, all on the beautiful Lake Atitlan.

Deity-Yoga is one of the most advanced Yogic Science-Technologies known to humanity. We invite you to join us as we delve into the treasury of wisdom teachings that ensures the Awakening of Consciousness for the benefit of all. We’ll explore the various pantheon of deities from the Mayan, Egyptian, Buddhist and Hindu traditions, and what they represent in relation to Esoteric Psychology. We’ll also dive into the practical teachings on how to embody the archetypal principals of the deities in order to manifest their qualities and attributes into daily life for the alleviation of suffering! This will truly be a one of a kind retreat that will nourish your soul and impact your life for years to come!

Your facilitators:
Kimberly Renee Hofner
Shamanic Reiki Master, RYT300
In deeply cultivating love in this heart I’ve fallen deep in love with life. Truly an honor holding sacred space for all to journey into a heart-opening, healing experience. Consciously connecting through yoga, devotional chanting, and the ancient healing arts is a moment to moment treasure. It’s my daily prayer to be of selfless service allowing the breath of divinity to move freely within and all around me. I’m devoted to being a gentle guide along the path of remembrance and a compassionate healer transforming poison into medicine.
Lokah Samastah Sukhinoh Bhavantu
© Energy Medicine Goddess

J.Yochanan is an Ayurvedic Life-Style Counselor from Eugene, OR. He’s a recent cancer-survivor, and a longtime student-practitioner of Universal Esoteric Mysteries & Gnostic-Vajrayana Dharma. Discover more: https://about.me/pranavamag
IG: @alkhemedic
Cost: $108 for the 2Day Offering ~ DM to submit FB Payment

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