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  • Start at 09:00AM
  • $444

This introduction course to Maya Abdominal Massage gives you the training to perform this ancestral healing technique on yourself, deepening the connection to your body. It also offers direct contact to the foundation of Maya healing, a space to connect and immerse yourself in this divine art of service so you can then offer it to others, as done by the Maya midwives. It is a highly effective healing modality that is used for many different pathologies and brings balance back to the body, physical, emotional and energetic. It is used for men and children as well and specifically for women after giving birth, to help the uterus contract back to it original position.

The abdomen is a power house of emotions, for many women there is also trauma stored in our body, form sexuality or just being a woman! Reconnecting to our body and listening to it allows us to heal. Finding infinite gifts from reconnecting to our uterus! We will also take a peak into Doña Dominga’s life, a local midwife from San Marcos who will share her knowledge with us. She learns through her dreams and direct connection to nature, plants and God. We will use local plant medicine to make vaginal steam baths. We will learn to make our own home made heating balm for the massage, using the finest oils to treat our bodies with only the best!

Students receive a treatment of three massages during the course, and the last day we receive the massage in a temazcal ceremony. The temazcal is a traditional wet sauna. You will receive a hand woven faja (long fabric) that is used with the massage. Price is $444USD

Course is five full days, over the course of a week: 9Am – 4pm

Ancestral indigenous medicine, womb healing, womb massage, internal organ massage, plant medicine, temazcal, maya midwifery, maya medicine.

If you are feeling the call to join us, contact me: mayamassageguatemala@gmail.com.

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