Mayan Sauna

This newly built, 6-person traditional Mayan Temescal, nestled into the front garden, can be prepared upon request at a time of your choosing and is aligned with the cardinal directions.  Group sweat-lodges can be a valuable and memorable addition to your retreats as well as being a powerful healing remedy for participants. Temescals are wet heat saunas, created by pouring water onto the wood-burning stove. The produced steam heat is highly beneficial to the respiratory system, fades tension, unwinds muscles and  reinvigorates the entire body/mind/spirit. Additional medicinal herb baths and aromatherapy oils can be added for specific intentions or ailments.

Archeological digs reveal the importance of sweat houses to the ancient Maya  – excavations at Piedras Negras, Chichen Itza and El Paraiso have uncovered sweat house ruins, some believed to be over 1200 years old. Indian sweat lodges can support integration, detoxing and ritual retreat work profoundly.  Whether you use the sweat lodge for personal relaxation or for a more ceremonial purification , the beauty of this temescal is sure to serve you well, with spaciousness for many to stand up to exercise if required. A cold-water shower next to the sauna is available, and enough wood is provided for a 2 hour journey -allowing a large number of people to participate in shifts if desired.

Saunas not only relieve stress but help flush toxins from the body, cleanse the skin, burn calories, help us fight illness, induce deeper sleep and provide a connecting social experience.

Deluxe Sauna Treatments:

Allow us to prepare you medicinal plant infused water for steaming, additional aromatherapy oil choices, salt to scrub and fresh aloe to ensure you get the maximum health and beauty benefits of this experience.



COSTS: $7 per person – minimum 4 or $10 per person deluxe


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